We asked our Facebook friends to tell us the creative ways they share the truth about creation and the gospel at work, at home, and in their communities. Here are some ideas you may want to try yourself.

  • In my office, I have a whiteboard hanging in my cubicle, and when I’ve read a Scripture that touches me, I write it on the board. I find that my coworkers are curious about it, so they go and research it to see what it means.
  • My husband, who is an assistant pastor, made brochures called “Q&A for Today” with common questions people have about Christianity and controversial issues. One of the men at church took them to his workplace and left copies in the bathroom.
  • We organize group events centered on our “two-word-testimony” T-shirts. One word is our life before Christ, and one word is our life now. Sometimes we go as a group to the mall, and sometimes we perform a flash-mob event (i.e., appearing suddenly in those T-shirts to clean a park or pay for gas or other helpful acts). These T-shirts usually draw interest and questions.
  • I have a large paper model of Noah’s Ark on the top of my cubicle. This sparks lots of conversation!
  • Some neighbors and I have been coordinating a backyard Bible club for the past few summers. We’ve used Answers in Genesis VBS curricula to help us teach the kids—and they love it! It also challenges us to live the gospel in our everyday lives because our neighbors know what we believe. [Editor’s note: For more information, visit AnswersVBS.com.]
  • I browse the “new age” sections of bookstores, find a random book, and drop a gospel tract inside. A few here and there can really add up.
  • I lend a copy (I have several) of Dr. David Menton’s DVD Fearfully & Wonderfully Made to expectant moms. I start up a conversation about childbirth and ask if they are interested in learning more. Then I offer the video and describe how Dr. Menton explains the miraculous process in a way that anyone can understand. [Editor’s note: You can find this DVD at AnswersBookstore.com and free online media at AnswersinGenesis.org/media.]
  • Mentioning the Ark Encounter has been an awesome conversation starter! [Editor’s note: For more information, visit www.ArkEncounter.com.]

Do you have an interesting way to share the truth of Scripture? Leave a wall post on our Facebook page (Facebook.com/AnswersMagazine) or send an email to [email protected], and we may include it in an upcoming issue.

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