Famed philosopher and physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking recently appeared on a widely watched television program “Did God Create the Universe?” Hawking’s answer—unsurprisingly—is in the negative. Instead, he declared that the universe is best explained entirely by the laws of physics; no God needed.

Although his intelligence is unquestioned, Dr. Hawking chooses to ignore the fact that laws require a Lawgiver. As creationist astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle observes, “Apart from God, how can we make sense of the existence and properties of the laws of physics that Hawking’s TV program discusses?” No God, no laws, no universe.

The Bible teaches that God upholds the universe in a logical way. The human mind is at least capable of understanding some aspects of this wonderful truth, which is why we are without excuse for rejecting God (Romans 1:20). Dr. Lisle concludes, “Hawking must borrow concepts from the Christian worldview in acknowledging the very existence of laws of science. Ultimately, he is being illogical to deny the Giver of laws.”

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