The explanation of the nitrogen cycle (page 65) reversed the symbols for nitrite and nitrate. (The illustration is correct but not the explanation.) Nitrite is NO2- and nitrate is NO3-.

“Dying to Live Another Day” calls bear hibernation a “myth” (p. 50). Research has led to a redefinition of hibernation; it now includes bears.

“The Chicken or the Egg” (p. 33) states that as the immense diversity within the created kinds was passed from parent to offspring, “most likely a nonchicken bird eventually laid an egg containing a chicken.” At least one reader misunderstood this to endorse molecules-to-man evolution in some way. However, we were simply suggesting that modern chickens came from the same created “kind” as pheasants. God placed an amazing amount of information in the original genes of each kind; this is not an example of a bird becoming some other kind of creature, but simply a new species produced within the same kind—in keeping with Genesis 1:21.

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