Clown Triggerfish

Created on Day 5


The jaws of the clown triggerfish are extremely powerful. They can break open the shells of mollusks and crabs, which they eat. This characteristic is not the result of chance, random processes of evolution; it is the result of design by this creature’s Creator.


  • The clown triggerfish gets its name because of its unusual coloring and pattern.
  • The lower half of this fish’s body is black with large, white spots, and the upper half is mostly black with a patch outlined in yellow.
  • The clown triggerfish’s lips are bright orange.

Fun Facts

  • This fish is also called the big-spotted triggerfish.
  • When alarmed or at night, the triggerfish wedges itself in a small hole by erecting its first dorsal spine. Fishermen discovered they could easily remove this fish from its hole by pressing on the second dorsal spine, which unlocks the first spine.
  • The clown triggerfish is considered a highly prized aquarium fish, but it has a nasty disposition and usually requires a tank of its own.

CLASS: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)

ORDER: Tetraodontiformes (cowfishes, filefishes, leatherjackets,

puffers, triggerfishes, and trunkfishes)

FAMILY: Balistidae (triggerfishes)

GENUS/SPECIES: Balistoides conspicillum

Size: Up to 20 in (50 cm)

Depth: 3–250 ft (1–75 m)

Diet: Sea urchins, mollusks, and crustaceans

Habitat: Tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean