Queen Conch

The conch builds its own shell out of calcium carbonate that it gets from the ocean. How does a conch know that it needs to build a shell, and how does it know how to build its shell? This information was given to the conch kind at creation. Information has to come from a source of intelligence, and that source is the all-knowing Creator God.


  • The queen conch, one of the largest marine snails, is best known for its bright pink, orange, or yellow coloring on the inside of the flared lip of its shell.
  • The queen conch reaches sexual maturity after three years, when their shells are about 8 in (20 cm) long.

Fun Facts

  • The lip of the conch shell was used by some indigenous people groups to make knives, ax heads, and chisels.
  • Abandoned conch shells are often used by many marine creatures, including the cardinal fish and octopuses, as protection from predators.
  • The queen conch is also called the pink conch.
  • This species has always played a central role in human societies in the Caribbean. For one thing, it is an ideal food source, and it comes in its own cooking pot—its shell!

CLASS: Gastropoda (gastropods, slugs, and snails)
ORDER: Neotaenioglossa
FAMILY: Strombidae (true conchs)
GENUS/SPECIES: Strombus gigas

Size: 6–12 in (15–30.5 cm)
Weight: Average 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
Diet: Seagrasses, algae, organic debris
Habitat: Shallows of semi-tropical and tropical waters of the Caribbean