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Article Title Author Date
Missing Links in Gene KnowledgeJune 1, 2001
Genetics: No Friend of EvolutionDr. Lane LesterMarch 1, 1998
La genética y la evolución no son compatiblesDr. Lane LesterFebruary 27, 2008
Professor of Genetics Says 'No!' to EvolutionMaciej GiertychJune 1, 1995
Creation in a BasketTom WagnerMarch 1, 1995
Rats! Another Case of Sickle Cell AnaemiaEwan MoreMarch 1, 1995
Evolution Under (or Wool Over?) Our EyesJune 1, 1994
Totally Naked RoosterDecember 1, 1992
A Serious Problem for HomologyRobert E. Kofahl, Ph.D.March 1, 1992
No Proofs for EvolutionJune 1, 1991
When You Begin to be YouGary Parker, M.S., Ed.D.March 1, 1991
What Was Adam Like?Ken HamSeptember 1, 1991
Cloning: Right or Wrong?Werner GittDecember 1, 1998
Clonación: ¿Buena o mala?Werner GittFebruary 27, 2008
One Tiny Flaw, and 50 Years Lost!Bodie HodgeDecember 1, 2004
Genetics and God’s Natural SelectionNovember 1, 1980

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