Evolution Exposed

Evolution Exposed


Corrected Topical Index for Second Edition

The first printing of the updated version of Evolution Exposed contains multiple errors in the topical index. The errors have been corrected and can be downloaded in the PDF documents below. You can print out one of the documents below and place it in the back of the book for reference. If your copy of Evolution Exposed has the errors, the first entry in the index on page 321 will read “Aborigine 221, 223–225.” You can download one of the corrected indexes below. If your book reads “Aborigine 225, 227–229” as the first entry, then you have the correct index and don’t need to download this file.

This document is a full-sheet version on six pages.

This document can be printed double-sided and attached to the inside back cover of the book for reference. It includes all six pages of the index on one sheet.

New! Updated reference index for the Prentice-Hall Biology textbook by Miller & Levine The popular textbook Biology by Miller and Levine has been added to Evolution Exposed. The online chapters have been updated to reflect the changes. We are offering as a free download the index from the updated version of Evolution Exposed, which offers a page-by-page reference to the evolutionary content of this newly-reviewed text.

Challenge the world’s thinking on origins!

A “survival guide” for biology class! This book helps teens discern the chronic bias towards belief in evolution that permeates today’s four most popular high school biology textbooks. Virtually every chapter in each of the secular textbooks contains implied or explicit references to evolutionary beliefs, which are misrepresented as irrefutable facts. However, in Evolution Exposed these misrepresentations are cross-referenced with online articles and publications that provide both scientific and biblical answers. Key terms are defined, articles are summarized and false ideas are refuted.

Evolution Exposed is thoroughly indexed by topic so anyone can use it as a reference. Christian students are equipped and inspired to recognize and respectfully challenge evolutionary indoctrination (in class, research papers, and normal interactions outside of school). Using tables, web links, charts, and illustrations, documented facts that counter evolutionary teaching in a powerful and organized fashion are synchronized with each textbook’s sequence.

About the Author

Roger Patterson earned his B.S. Ed. degree in biology from Montana State University. Before joining the curriculum development team at Answers in Genesis, he taught for eight years in Wyoming’s public school system and assisted the Wyoming Department of Education in developing assessments and standards for children in public schools.

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