Dr. Vardiman is professor, Department of Astro-Geophysics, Institute for Creation Research, in the United States. He holds a B.S. in physics from the University of Missouri, a B.S. in meteorology from St. Louis University and an M.S. and Ph.D. in atmospheric science from Colorado State University. He is a member of the American Meteorological Society and has authored numerous research papers in the area of cloud physics and meteorology.

I reject the theory of evolution because it is based on several faulty premises which are clearly contradicted by observation. Evolution implies chaos and meaninglessness. Creation implies order and value.

The natural world contains incredible evidence for design. Every system is regulated by laws which can be described verbally or through mathematical relationships. The DNA molecule is an example of built-in sources of information which regulate life processes and the inheritance of genetic traits. The Law of Gravitation is an example of how the Creator orders natural processes. Natural laws and built-in information imply a designer who created the systems and processes. Evolution cannot explain the presence of such design.

Evolutionary theory states that the earth and all life began as a gas several billion years ago and through random processes became more complex with time. Man is the final result of billions and billions of chance mutations of genetic material as the earth aged. Yet, the Second Law of Thermodynamics describes a natural process which causes ordered systems to degenerate into disorder. The Second Law is undisputed by all reputable scientists and contradicts the basic premise of evolution. [Ed. note: See also AiG’s Get Answers: Thermodynamics and Order.]

The fossil record is considered to be the primary evidence for evolution, yet it does not demonstrate a complete chain of life from simple life-forms to complex. Many gaps are present which should not occur if evolution proceeded smoothly from one species to another. In fact, these discontinuities are recognized by a major part of the evolutionary community when they adopt the “hopeful monster mechanism.”

The most telling argument for me in rejecting evolution, however, is the meaninglessness and lack of value it signifies. If evolution occurred, then my existence is not a special event in the Creator’s plan. Yet, the Bible says I am special; I was created for a purpose.

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