Evolution is the belief that over MILLIONS of years, one kind of animal turned into another kind. This idea shows up in movies and even cartoons. A lot of newspapers talk about it, and it is even written about in school books and magazines.

Don't believe everything you hear! Evolution is not true. Listen to the Bible to see if what you hear is actually true.

We know, according to the Bible, God created different kinds of animals about 6,000 years ago. (See Genesis 1:21, 24, 25.) There is much variety within each kind. But shrimp still produce shrimp, and dragonflies produce dragonflies, and crabs produce crabs ... just what we would expect based on the Bible!

Fossil Shell Comparison Fossil Shrimp Comparison

Here is a fossil (left) supposedly millions of years old. This modern-day shell (right) looks just like the fossil!

This fossil of a shrimp (left) is believed to be millions of years old. But this shrimp (right) is alive and looks much like the fossil. It hasn't changed much at all!

Dragonfly and Wasp Fossils Fossil Crab Comparison

These are pictures of two fossilized insects. Some people say the fossils are millions of years old. But they look very much like the insects we see today. The dragonfly and the wasp still look like a dragonfly and a wasp!

Look at these two pictures. The fossil (left) is supposed to be millions of years old but the living crab (right) looks a lot like it!

So, these pictures support what the Bible says. God created each kind of animal to make more animals of the same kind. We can always trust the Bible because “every word of God proves true” (Proverbs 30:5).