You may have heard that there were thirty different ice ages . . . over the past 2.5 million years. Creation scientists who trust the Bible believe that there was only one ice age.

About 4,350 years ago God judged all the people on earth because of sin, by bringing a Flood that destroyed everything on land. The whole world was affected . . . and the weather went wacky . . . causing a unique set of conditions that explains how one ice age, lasting only a few hundred years, could happen.

Event What Caused It?
Warm Oceans

At the start of the Flood, the fountains of the great deep broke open (Genesis 7:11). Volcanoes erupted around the world, dumping hot lava into the waters during and after the Flood.

Cold Land

These volcanoes threw lots of dirt and dust into the air, blocking the warm sunshine. The barren land had no forests to absorb the sun’s warm rays.

Snow Clouds Formed

The warm oceans sent lots of warm water vapor into the air. When it mixed with the cold air over the land, great storm clouds formed. These storms eventually dumped thousands of feet of snow on land.

Snow Turned To Ice

It never got warm enough to melt all the snow . . . so the heavy pile of snow turned into thick ice sheets near both the north and south poles.