Don’t let an icky scab or a slimy sneeze gross you out. Instead, take a closer look. When you zoom in to what seems yucky, you’ll see just how amazing our bodies really are—burps, blisters, and all.

What’s So Great About Gross?

When you think of God’s marvelous works, you likely think of things like Jesus walking on water or the design of your eye. Cuts and blowing your nose probably don’t come to mind. But maybe they should.

Your body contains all sorts of amazing features. Some may gross you out or embarrass you, but they’re just as necessary as the beautiful things.

Fun Fact:

How would you like to sneeze at least once an hour for nearly three years straight? That's what happened to Donna Griffiths of Worcestershire, England. She started her sneeze attack on January 13, 1981, and didn't stop until September 16, 1983.