The patterns and colors on some animals are like fancy clothes. They make the creature a sight to see—especially for potential mates.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Birds of paradise set the standard in style. The males sport colorful tufts and long plumes that make them stand out with the ladies. Their splendor certainly does make us wonder about the beauty of God’s original paradise—Eden.


Cuttlefish Leopards may not be able to change their spots, but cuttlefish sure can. They can change skin color in a flash. If you really want to impress the ladies, why not try on that the zebra look?

Blue-Footed Booby

Blue-Footed Booby Perhaps you’ve heard someone say to “put your best foot forward.” Well, the blue-footed booby can do that with either foot. The girls are attracted by blue feet—the brighter the better.