Over the last few years, a total of seven Arabic-speaking people have come to America for training at the invitation of Answers Worldwide (the global outreach division of Answers in Genesis). During that time, each person became convinced of his need to share the truth of creation and the gospel on the web in his native language, which is spoken by over two hundred million people.

Thanks to that dedication, the site is now a reality: www.nermo.net. As Dr. David Crandall, director of the Answers Worldwide division, points out, this new site represents a major step in reaching Muslims for Christ. “This is a significant milestone. It takes volumes of important gospel resources and makes them available to Arabic-speaking people all over the world. All Christians should forward this wonderful news to every Arabic reader they know and to their churches’ mission committees.”

Nermo.net features biblical answers about dinosaurs, the age of the earth, evolution, suffering, and Jesus. In just a few months, thousands of visitors have come to the site from Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and several other nations.