Did you know that some of the most famous fossil discoveries have later been proven to be fake? The amazing thing is that evolutionists seem so willing to be fooled. It is also sad that even when some of these claims have been proven false, the story is still treated as fact in textbooks and articles. Two of these “fake fossil” stories are listed below.

Piltdown Man

A piece of skull bone was found in 1912. Later, a jawbone was discovered nearby and said to be from the same creature as the skull piece. Evolutionists claimed that the skull had human features and the jaw was apelike, showing “proof” that apes evolved into man. Actually, the skull was human, but the jawbone was from an orangutan. The teeth had been filed down to make them look more human! Yet it took over 40 years before this hoax was disproved.


This more recent discovery was used to prove that dinosaurs evolved into birds. A Chinese farmer dug up pieces of fossil in two separate places, then pasted the pieces together. It was supposed to look like a dinosaur that was developing feathers. National Geographic magazine published this as proof of the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds. Later, the fossil was shown to be from two different animals.

Creationists knew that both of these fossils were fake. We know that apes did not evolve into men, and that birds were created before dinosaurs during Creation Week. Stick with God’s Word and you won’t be fooled!