The Dutch are world-famous for their flowers. Every May the townspeople of Anna Paulowna in the Netherlands create beautiful flower mosaics and display them in front of their homes.

This popular attraction, called Bloemendagen (Flower Days), provides Christians with a wonderful witnessing opportunity, as visitors flock to the town from all over Europe.

For the past 26 years, Gerrit Baken’s family has made an elaborate flower mosaic to depict a biblical message. Last year it was a Noah’s Ark mosaic with the caption “The Invitation.” (Jacky Baken works with Johan Huibers on the large Ark replica, which opened in 2007.)

Flower Mosaic

At the annual Flower Days in the Netherlands, the Baken family creates stunning mosaics that portray biblical themes. Over 20,000 hyacinth flowers were used in this 7 by 9 foot mosaic, entitled The Invitation.

As part of their evangelistic outreach, the family handed out flyers and explained how the Ark is a picture of salvation.