In a special village in Africa the people have an unusual relationship with crocodiles. The villagers believe crocodiles are sacred, so they don’t hurt them. They feed them chicken and try to keep them happy. This allows the people to play and do chores near the crocodiles without being afraid.

A photographer who took pictures of the village describes it as a “magical place,” where crocodiles are part of the “life of the population.” More than one hundred crocodiles, growing up to 20 feet long, live near the village.

When fossils of crocodiles are found we see that they have changed very little from ancient days until now. Many scientists consider them “living fossils,” since they have basically not changed at all. When crocodiles were created on the sixth day of Creation Week, they did not eat meat and were not dangerous. However, after the Fall of Adam and Eve, many animals became carnivorous (meat eating). When sin entered the world, it became “filled with violence” (Genesis 6:13).

Crocodiles, as well as some other living fossils, like the Komodo Dragon, are very closely related to dinosaurs. The fact that crocodiles are living next to people shows us how easily dinosaurs could have existed with man. Evolutionists want us to believe dinosaurs became extinct long before man came on the scene, but the Bible teaches us they were created on the same day as man! So they must have lived together, though after dinosaurs became carnivorous, people probably didn’t stay too close!