A paleobiologist (pa-leo-bi-ol-o-gist) at Oxford University has announced that he has discovered the oldest spider web. It is preserved in a piece of amber found by an amateur fossil hunter in Britain.

The spider web looks exactly like a spider web you would find in your yard today. It has been dated as 140 million years old, although the date is based on ideas about the past rather than any actual proof. The spider web didn’t have a little label saying “made in 139,998,000 BC”!

Even though the spider web is supposedly very old, it is interesting that it looks exactly like spider webs today. Where are all the early attempts at web making that the first spiders must have made when learning how to make webs? If evolution were true, it would take a long time for spiders to perfect the art of making the complicated webs. And they had to somehow get their bodies to make the web material, a silk so complicated that researchers today still can’t duplicate it.

The “oldest web” is perfectly formed and beautifully designed, just like the webs of today. Spiders were created by God as fully formed, web-making creatures, with the ability to make amazing architectural designs out of their silk. Spiders have always been spiders!