The megalodon (meg-a-lo-don) is an ancient relative of the shark that was much larger than even the largest great white sharks found today. Men who have studied the megalodon think it grew to more than fifty feet long and weighed over 100 tons! Their bite was six to ten times stronger than a great white’s, three times stronger than an African lion’s, and even several times stronger than a Tyrannosaurus rex’s!

Scientists believe the megalodon used those jaws to chomp off the tails and flippers of large whales. That terrible first bite made the whale helpless as it bled to death. Then the megalodon would devour it. The ocean was a scary place with giant sharks swimming in it!

Did God create such scary, dangerous sea creatures? When God created the sea creatures on Day 5 of Creation Week they were “very good.” All the animals ate plants, not each other. It wasn’t until sin entered the world that some animals began to kill and eat other animals. When Christ comes again and sets up His Kingdom, meat-eating animals will once again be friendly and eat plants. Maybe the big sharks will use their strong jaws to eat tough seaweed!