Octopuses are very delicate creatures, made up almost completely of muscle, skin, and internal organs. Since they have no skeleton, they can squeeze through extremely small places. When they die, they decay quickly and soon become just a slimy blob. Even if the dead octopus is not eaten by scavengers, it will still be gone in just a few days.

It is amazing, then, that paleontologists have recently found the fossil imprint of five octopuses. These imprints are in very good condition, showing traces of muscles, suckers, and even the ink an octopus can release.

This find is wonderful evidence of a catastrophic flood. Without being rapidly buried in sediment, the octopuses would have quickly disappeared after dying. To find five together in one place was very exciting for these scientists. Sadly, though, the scientists did not interpret the fossils as showing the truth of the worldwide Flood. Instead, they said the discovery has given them more “important evolutionary information.” We can be glad for the “important creation information” that this discovery has given to all of us who believe God’s Word is true!