Would you be more likely to eat your vegetables if they were grown on Mars? NASA’s Phoenix lander has been testing the soil on Mars and has found that some vegetables could grow in Martian soil. They say the soil is similar to what you have in your back yard, and you could grow asparagus pretty well in it!

Phoenix is on Mars looking for signs of life. So far, it is no surprise that it hasn’t found any. Genesis says that God created man and placed him on the earth. The planets and stars are there for us to look at—“the heavens declare the glory of God.”

Finding good soil does not mean that things will actually grow. When you plant vegetables in your yard what do you do to help them grow? They need water and sunshine, and they need carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis. The atmosphere on Mars has gases that would be deadly for plants. And it doesn’t rain on Mars either! It doesn’t seem like Mars would be a good place to garden after all!