Two varieties of green seaweed have been found growing approximately 650 ft. underwater in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.1 This is extremely deep for most green plants, which need light for photosynthesis. There would be little light available for plant survival at these depths!

God designed these types of seaweed with a very special ability. He gave Palmophyllum and Verdigellas the ability to use low intensity blue light for photosynthesis. This spectrum of light is present at such depths in the ocean.

After studying the genetic code of these seaweed varieties, some scientists are calling them “ancient.” They have even referred to the seaweed as a living fossil, even though no fossils of Palmophyllum or Verdigellas have been found. These scientists believe these types of seaweed have not changed genetically in over one billion years!

The Bible tells us that God created plants on Day Three of the Creation Week, about 6000 years ago (Genesis 1:11–13). It’s easy to see from the special survival abilities of these green seaweed varieties that God created them. God equipped them to survive in a harsh environment!

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