One of God’s most amazing creatures is the little gecko, a lizard that is widely seen in insurance commercials. Scientists have been studying the gecko and its incredible sticky feet that can clean themselves.

Have you ever tried to reuse a piece of tape? Or have your Velcro tennis shoe tabs lost their gripping ability? This is like the problem scientists are trying to solve. Sticky things pick up pieces of dirt and thread and soon lose their stickiness. Researchers are trying to design a sticky substance that will not lose its stickiness because it continually cleans off the dirt it picks up. This will help them build a robot that can go across walls and ceilings. Any dirt the robot tread picks up could be cleaned off as it continues to travel.

God created the gecko with self-cleaning feet. It can walk up walls and across ceilings and any dirt that sticks to its feet is cleaned off by tiny hairs on its toes. Researchers are studying these amazing feet and hoping to duplicate their ability to stay clean. Once again, men are trying to copy the creative work of God. Whenever scientists invent something new, it seems God always thought of it first!