Old-Earth Creationism on Trial

Old-Earth Creationism on Trial

Twenty-somethings once faithfully attended church. What made them stop? While most said they still believe that the Bible is God's Word, they also said that the idea that the earth is millions of years old was one thing that caused them to doubt the Bible. … The crumbling foundation of the church takes a devastating toll on future generations. Therefore, churches must reclaim the historical truth found in Genesis and apply the Bible's authority to every area of life.

Ken Ham, President
Answers in Genesis

As the modern Church struggles to find a place of relevancy for a new generation that already has massive demands on its time and attention, more and more young people raised in the Church are leaving it—failing to find the answers to their questions of faith and life, beset with doubts raised by issues that the Church chooses not to address. Opting to skirt the controversy of Genesis as literal history, the biblical authority of the Holy Word is called into question and reduced to a collection of mere stories.

More popularly considered an issue for schools or in the public realm, the conflicting views on the age of the earth also remain a pivotal issue within the Church—as it has for over two centuries.

  • Was the Creation Week literally six days?
  • Does science really point to an old earth?
  • Does the issue really matter for Christians?
  • Should this issue even be discussed within the Church?

Join authors Dr. Jason Lisle and Tim Chaffey as they put forth a case against an old-earth interpretation of Scripture. A comprehensive biblical, theological, and scientific critique of old-earth creationism, the book presents its compelling testimony in layman's terms to create a powerful debate that leads to unquestionable truth.


We would like to thank the many people who have helped make this book a reality.

Pastor and English teacher Glenn Andes, for taking time out of his busy schedule to proofread the manuscript and for his encouragement.

Our colleagues at Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research for their tireless efforts to glorify God by standing up for the truth of His Word (especially in Genesis).

Bodie Hodge and Terry Mortenson for reviewing various sections of the book.

Our families, for their support and encouragement.

Finally, and most importantly, we want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for saving us from our sins and giving us a strong desire to uphold the authority, authenticity, and accuracy of His Word. We pray that He will be glorified through this book.

About the Authors

Tim Chaffey lives in southwestern Wisconsin with his wife, Casey, and two children, Kayla and Judah.

He has taught Bible and science classes at the junior and senior high levels for the past six years. He also served as a pastor for four years. He holds a BS and MA in biblical and theological studies. He has earned a Master of Divinity degree specializing in theology and apologetics at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

Tim is the founder and director of Midwest Apologetics. The ministry is located near Dubuque, Iowa, and is dedicated to upholding and defending the Word of God from the beginning to the end. To accomplish this goal, Tim speaks at various churches, camps, and schools on a variety of topics. Please visit the website for a list of available talks and for booking information.

Jason Lisle is a research scientist and speaker with Answers in Genesis Ministries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy from Ohio Wesleyan University, and a master’s degree and PhD in astrophysics from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Dr. Lisle is also the planetarium director at the Creation Museum, and has written several of the programs now available, including “The Created Cosmos” and “Worlds of Creation.”

Dr. Lisle has written extensively on the topics of creation and astronomy, in secular and creation literature. He is author of the book Taking Back Astronomy, and is a coauthor of The New Answers Book volumes I and II. You can find more information on Dr. Lisle, including his speaking schedule, by visiting his web page.

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