Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

This book is dedicated to our living siblings, Rosemary, Beverley, and David; and to our brother Robert, who now lives face to face with his Creator.

May it be a remembrance of the godly heritage our family was given, and a reminder to all of us to pass on to the next generation that which was entrusted to us concerning the Word of God.

The Ham Family

The Ham family at Mundoo near Innisfail in North Queensland in 1962—a ready-made Sunday school to start at Mundoo. Steve was not yet born.

Christian families are struggling in a culture hostile to Christian values, and increasingly find themselves searching for answers and strategies to be more effective. Parents also face a disturbing trend of young people leaving home and leaving the Church and want to insure their children have a strong foundation of biblical faith and understanding. Discover how to create an incredible faith legacy in your family!

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World presents empowering insight for: surviving the culture wars as a family, educating children—the Bible offers guidance, practical tips for raising spiritually-healthy children, solutions to the root cause of dysfunctional families, discovering biblical authority as a parent, and discipline—necessary and lovingly administered.

Ken Ham is joined by his brother, Steve Ham, in presenting this powerful look at how the principles and truth of Genesis are vital to the strong and lasting foundation of a family. Sharing their own stories of growing up in a Genesis family and sharing this legacy within their own families, it is an intensely personal and practical guide for parents.

Reading to His Grandchildren

Ken Ham reading to his grandchildren

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