Answers in Genesis would like to thank the many, many people who have been praying for the progress of the $14 million Creation Museum, under construction in northern Kentucky, USA. In our last update, we reported that the underground utilities were finished and the first foundations had been poured. Now we’re excited to report that the steel has been manufactured and walls are going up!

Praise the Lord! We can hardly wait to see the completion of this one-of-a-kind museum, which will challenge evolutionary worldviews with a “walk through history” based on the Bible. Take a look at what the Lord’s been doing.

Steel manufacturing completed. The manufacturer has already completed the steel, and the first shipment is expected in February. The 2003 schedule includes the erection of the steel frame, exterior walls, roofing, floor slabs and masonry.

Building permit finalized. After enduring over a year’s delay in getting the wastewater permit, we experienced no significant delays in getting the building permit (on 6 December). Thanks to everyone for praying!

Walls going up. Meanwhile, the foundation walls are already going up-and the steel frame will be next. The museum is really taking shape.

Dozens of life-size dinosaur models have already been built for the museum, including a life-size, 40-foot T. rex.

Rough exhibit design completed. Behind the scenes, the exhibit-design team is fleshing out the details of the exhibits. Behind this frenzy is the creative genius of Patrick Marsh, the art director who did the scenic designs for the “Jaws” and “King Kong” attractions at Universal Studios Florida.

Throughout the museum, guests will enjoy dynamic, multi-tech presentations-a planetarium, a special-effects theater, animated figures and exhibits-that will totally immerse visitors in an exciting and unique learning experience.

Upcoming winter banquets in California. Answers in Genesis desires to build the Creation Museum debt-free, as donations come in. The 95,000 sq ft complex-including the 50,000 sq ft museum and AiG’s new headquarters and warehouse-is expected to cost approximately $14 million.

Banquets to update our friends and benefit the Creation Museum are planned for: San Diego (20 February), Los Angeles (21 February) and San Jose (22 February). Plan now to attend and hear an exciting update from Ken Ham and others first-hand about the upcoming museum.

Our hearts are burning to see this unique museum completed, so that we can encourage Christian families and confront nonbelievers with a life-changing message about the true “history of the universe” and God’s plan for the ages.

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