Andean Condor

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The condor helps keep the environment clean from potentially harmful bacteria found on animal carcasses. God designed within them the ability to eat much of what other animals will not eat, but this feature did not become part of their habit until after the Fall. The condor will ride air currents, similar to the eagle. This is an efficient way of flying for a bird of its size.


  • The condor has weak feet that are used more for walking than clutching food.
  • Feathers are absent from most of its head and neck.

Fun Facts

  • The Andean condor can be considered one of nature’s garbage collectors.
  • It can pick an animal’s carcass clean in under an hour—sometimes even eating the bones.
  • The Andean condor nests in shallow caves on cliff ledges and lays a single egg.

Created Kind Members

California condor, turkey vulture

CLASS: Aves (birds)

ORDER: Ciconiiformes (storks and relatives)

FAMILY: Cathartidae (New World vultures)

GENUS/SPECIES: Vultur gryphus

Size: Body: 40–50 in (1–1.3 m); Wingspan: 10–12 ft (3.2–3.7 m)

Weight: Males: 24–33 lbs (11–15 kg); Females: 18–23 lbs (8.2–10.4 kg)

Original Diet: Plants

Present Diet: Primarily carrion, but also eggs from seabird colonies

Habitat: Andes, from Venezuela to Sierra del Fuego; descends to lowland desert regions in Peru and Chile