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The chameleon has the unique ability to move each eye in a different direction at the same time. It is designed with a very long and sticky tongue (some being longer than the entire length of its body). This tongue allows the chameleon to capture its food even from long distances. The shape of the chameleon is specially designed for its life in trees. With its coloration and shape, the chameleon can be mistaken for a leaf or branch.


  • The chameleon is distinctly different from other lizards. It has hands and feet that are able to grip objects. It also has a tail that can be used as a fifth limb.
  • The chameleon has a horn or crest on its head, while other lizards do not.

Fun Facts

  • The chameleon can rapidly change its color for both camouflage and as an “emotion” indicator.
  • The body of the chameleon is almost entirely flat.

Created Kind Members

Dwarf chameleon, pygmy chameleon, leaf chameleon

CLASS: Reptilia (reptiles)

ORDER: Squamata (amphisbaenians, lizards, and snakes [scaly])

FAMILY: Chamaeleonidae (Old World chameleons)

GENUS/SPECIES: More than 120 species

Size: Less than 1 in to 27 in (0.03–0.7 m)

Weight: Varies greatly

Original Diet: Plants

Present Diet: Insects

Habitat: Tropical and mountainous rainforests, savannas, and steppes of northern Africa, the Middle East, India, and Madagascar