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God designed ferrets to be flexible, which allows them to fully turn around while in their underground burrows. Ferrets also make good pets since they can be trained to do tricks and to use a litter box. They can also be friendly with other domestic animals, like dogs and cats.


  • The ferret has a long, flexible body, short limbs, and a good set of teeth.
  • The eyes of the black-footed ferret are surrounded by a dark mask outlined in white, while the rest of the ferret is relatively dark with a light undercoat.
  • Some ferrets are completely white. Some of these albinos have black eyes while the eyes of others are pink.

Fun Facts

  • The ermine, a type of ferret, is a symbol of royalty and purity. A famous portrait of Queen Elizabeth of England shows her with an ermine on her arm.
  • Ferrets have the ability to spray their attackers, similar to the skunk.

Created Kind Members

Weasel, otter, wolverine, badger

CLASS: Mammalia (mammal)

ORDER: Carnivora (meat-eating)

FAMILY: Mustelidae (weasel kind)

GENUS/SPECIES: Mustela putorius putorius and M. nigripes

(European and black-footed)

Size: 16–28 in (0.4–0.7 m)

Weight: About 0.5–4 lbs (0.2–1.8 kg)

Original Diet: Plants

Present Diet: Rodents, rabbits, insects, lizards, and frogs

Habitat: Prairies and marshes