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The koala was designed with an opposable index finger that it uses as a second thumb for feeding and climbing. It was also designed with a padded tail, which allows it to sit in a tree all day. A koala hardly ever needs to drink water since it receive most of its water from the eucalyptus leaves that it eats. The name koala means “no-drink animal.” Since the koala does not have any sweat glands, it will lick its arms and stretch out on its tree to cool off.


  • The koala has dense fur that is colored from gray to a reddish-brown. Many also have white patches on the chest, chin, and rump.
  • The pouch opens in the rear and extends upward and forward.
  • The koala is completely arboreal.

Fun Facts

  • The koala is not a bear; it is a marsupial.
  • It spends up to 18 hours a day sleeping.
  • A koala will sometimes eat dirt. This helps it digest its food.

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CLASS: Mammalia (mammal)

ORDER: Diprotodontia (pair of incisors on lower jaw)

FAMILY: Phascolarctidae

GENUS/SPECIES: Phascolarctos cinereus

Size: Between 25 and 33 in (0.7–0.8 m)

Weight: Between 15 and 30 lbs (6.8–14 kg)

Original Diet: Plants

Present Diet: Eucalyptus leaves, young bark, and mistletoe

Habitat: Eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia