Snowy Owl

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The powerful and sharp talons of the snowy owl enable it to clutch and capture small prey. This feature would not have been needed until after the Fall of man when animals became carnivores. The feet of the snowy owl are feathered, which protects it from the cold weather of its habitat.


  • The snowy owl is one of the largest owls; the female is noticeably larger than the male.
  • It has a white body with a black beak and yellow eyes. The female has blackish spots while the male is mostly pure white.
  • The snowy owl is more agile than other owls and is able to capture birds while in flight.

Fun Facts

  • The snowy owl protects its young from predators by pretending to have a broken wing and leading them away from its nest.
  • A male will sometimes present a prospective mate with a dead animal as a gift.

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CLASS: Aves (birds)

ORDER: Strigiformes (owls)

FAMILY: Strigidae (typical owls)

GENUS/SPECIES: Nyctea scandiaca

Size: Average close to 2 ft (0.5–0.7 m);

wingspan averages 4.3 ft (1.3 m)

Weight: Between 4 and 6 lbs (1.8–2.9 kg)

Original Diet: Plants

Present Diet: Rodents and birds

Habitat: Tundra regions of North America and Eurasia