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Confronting the ‘race’ issue with music!

19 June 2001

AiG’s recording artist Buddy Davis has released his sixth album entitled ‘One Blood: 14 Original Songs that Praise and Teach.’

Recorded at the famous Bill Gaither studios in Indiana USA, this release features a new style and sound for Buddy. He sings songs that will make you rejoice, cry, laugh, and ponder. Packed with teaching and doctrine, these twelve new songs and two Buddy favorites confront issues and also answer many questions relevant to the Christian faith and the authority of the Word of God.

The title track, ‘We’re One Blood,’ which many have already said has the potential of being quite popular, is based upon the AiG book One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism and the lecture on the origin of so-called ‘races’ by Ken Ham. After hearing this song, one of the AiG staff commented: ‘If people take these words seriously, this song could dramatically change the face of race-related issues across America and around the world.’

Other songs deal with topics such as:

  • Why is there death and suffering in the world?
  • Christians need to stand on the authority of the Word
  • People need to come to Christ
  • Worshipping our Holy Creator—and much more.

Buddy Davis is not only a singer/songwriter for the international ministry of Answers in Genesis, he is also an acclaimed sculptor of life-size dinosaurs that have been featured on national TV, books, and magazines; they will be eventually displayed in AiG’s Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Besides performing in many major cities across the US, Buddy has toured Australia three times and twice in Europe. In addition he is an adventurer/explorer—he has searched for Noah’s Ark in Turkey and found frozen, unfossilized dinosaur bones in Alaska (he recounted that incredible discovery in The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure). He is a storyteller as well, and uses his varied experiences to speak and sing to audiences worldwide.

You will be blessed after listening to this collection; you will probably want to share the music with your Christian and non-Christian friends. In fact, these songs can be used as witnessing tools to challenge others concerning their stand on the Scripture and their relationship with Christ.

The words will challenge, the arrangements will minister to you, and the catchy tunes will help you praise the Creator God of the Universe.

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