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The Lie

“Now that I have updated, revised, and expanded The Lie, I believe it’s an even more powerful, eyeopening book for the church—an essential resource to help all of us to understand the great delusion that permeates our world! The message of The Lie IS the message of AiG and why we even exist! It IS the message God has laid on our hearts to bring before the church! It IS a vital message for our time.”
– Ken Ham, president and founder of AiG–U.S.

Answers Magazine

Answers Magazine

Answers magazine, the new Bible-affirming, creation-based magazine from Answers in Genesis, has arrived in homes! The inaugural issue of Answers features articles on a variety of topics that impact Christians today including the family, American history and the authority of the Bible, as well as articles on hot topics. The new magazine also includes a detachable chart, a pullout children’s magazine, excellent layman and semi-technical articles and bonus content from the website. People writing into us are thrilled with Answers. They are using words like “Wow!”, “Top flight”, “Just right”.; So why wait? Subscribe today!

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