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Bob Jones University

Greenville, SC

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Bob Jones University


Located at the edge of the Appalachian foothills in Greenville, S.C., Bob Jones University is a fundamental Christian university for students who desire a biblically faithful liberal arts education that fosters the development of Christlike character. Students come from all 50 states and more than 40 countries. BJU offers a wide variety of academic programs each based on a liberal arts core. BJU educates the whole person: preparing students how to excel intellectually and vocationally, teaching students how to live from a biblical perspective in every area of life and building up their faith and understanding of God’s Word.

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Within the cultural and academic soil of liberal arts higher education, Bob Jones University exists to grow Christlike character that is scripturally disciplined, others-serving, God-loving, Christ-proclaiming and focused above.

Our Objective

God’s redemptive and restorative mission in the hearts of men is the base upon which the Christian worldview is rooted and is what compels the serious pursuit of Christlikeness in the believer. BJU’s objective is not only to produce pastor, missionaries, scientists, teachers, journalists, or lawyers, but to produce graduates who grasp the importance and eternal value of Christlike living and servant leadership.

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I believe in the inspiration of the Bible (both the Old and the New Testaments); the creation of man by the direct act of God; the incarnation and virgin birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ; His identification as the Son of God; His vicarious atonement for the sins of mankind by the shedding of His blood on the cross; the resurrection of His body from the tomb; His power to save men from sin; the new birth through the regeneration by the Holy Spirit; and the gift of eternal life by the grace of God.

Core Values

  1. Love for and faithfulness to God and His Word
  2. Unashamed testimony for Jesus Christ, the only Savior
  3. Edifying love for God’s people

Institutional Goals

  1. To inspire regenerated students to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.
  2. To strengthen each student’s belief in the truths of God’s Word.
  3. To develop in students Christlike character through disciplined, Spirit-filled living.
  4. To direct students toward a biblical life view that integrates God’s Truth into practical Christian living.
  5. To prepare students to excel intellectually and vocationally by offering diverse academic programs rooted in biblical truth and centered on a liberal arts core.
  6. To develop in students the cultural breadth and social skills that enhance their lives and also equip them to communicate biblical truth effectively.
  7. To instill in students a compelling concern for reaching the unconverted with the saving truth of the gospel of Christ.
  8. To implant in students an eagerness for vital involvement in the life and ministry of a biblically faithful local congregation.
  9. To develop educational materials and services that extend these objectives beyond the university campus.
  • Accounting, BS
  • Actuarial Science, BS
  • Apparel, Textiles, and Design, BS
  • Art, BFA
  • Art Education, BS
  • Bible, BA
  • Biblical Counseling, BA
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BS
  • Biology, BS
    • Cell Biology
    • Organismal Biology
  • Biology Education, BS
  • Business Administration, BS
    • Finance
    • Generic
    • Marketing
  • Business and Culinary Arts, BS
  • Business and Technology, BS
  • Business, AS
  • Chemistry, BS
  • Christian Ministries, AS
  • Christian Ministries, BS
  • Christian Missions, BA
  • Church Music, BMus
  • Cinema Production, BS
  • Communication, BA
    • Interpersonal Concentration
    • Organizational Concentration
    • Rhetoric & Public Address Concentration
  • Communication Disorders, BS
  • Composite Science Education, BS
  • Composite Social Studies Education, BS
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Cosmetology, AAS
  • Creative Writing, BA
  • Criminal Justice, BS
  • Culinary Arts, AS
  • Dramatic Production, BA
  • Early Childcare and Development, AS
  • Early Childhood Education, BS
  • Elementary Education, BS
  • Engineering, BS
  • English, BA
  • English Education, BS
  • Family and Consumer Sciences, BS
  • Foods and Nutrition, BS
  • General Studies, BGS
  • Graphic Design, BFA
  • Health, Fitness & Recreation, BS
  • History, BA
  • Humanities, BA
  • Human Resource Management, BS
  • Information Technology, BS
  • Interior Design, BFA
  • International Business, BS
  • International Studies, BA
  • Journalism and Mass Communication, BA
    • Electronic Media
    • Journalism
    • Public Relations
  • Keyboard Performance, BMus
  • Mathematics, BS
  • Mathematics Education, BS
  • Middle School Education, BS
    • Language Arts/Social Studies
    • Mathematics/Science
  • Music Education, BS
    • Instrumental Studies Principal
    • Keyboard Studies Principal with Instrumental Track
    • Keyboard Studies Principal with Vocal/Choral Track
    • Vocal/Choral Studies Principal
  • Nursing, BSN
  • Orchestral Instrument Performance, BMus
  • Pastoral Studies, BA
  • Performance Studies, BA
  • Physics, BS
  • Piano Pedagogy, BMus
  • Political Science, BA
  • Premed/Predent, BS
  • Pre-Physical Therapy, BS
  • Spanish, BA
  • Spanish Education, BS
  • Special Education, BS
  • String Pedagogy, BMus
  • Voice Performance, BMus
  • Women's Ministries, BA
  • Youth Ministry, BA

Visit\academics for BJU’s most recent list of degree options.

Dr. Stephen Jones

Dr. Stephen Jones became president of BJU in 2005. Prior to becoming president he served as a residence hall supervisor, a faculty member and vice president for administration.

Dr. Jones holds a bachelor’s degree in public speaking, a master of divinity, a doctorate in liberal arts studies from BJU and an honorary doctorate from the International School of Missions in Cebu City, Philippines.

In addition to providing an edifiying atmosphere in which students can grow spiritually and excel academically, Dr. Jones places a special emphasis on mentoring and discipling individual students.

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