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Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School

Lynchburg, VA

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Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) and Graduate School was one of the first schools established by Thomas Road Baptist Church under the leadership of founding pastor Jerry Falwell, Sr. The school began in 1973, two years after Liberty University was founded. LBTS provides a quality, well-rounded education based on academic excellence. It was founded upon the principle that a person’s most effective ministry will be in conjunction with the local church. The curriculum is characterized by a commitment to the fundamental doctrines of the faith and by providing significant experiences to develop practical ministry skills. Students are taught and are expected to produce at the graduate level. Evangelism is the primary emphasis. Every faculty member and student is expected to manifest a concern for lost souls and to be a soul winner according to the gifts God has given him. Church planting and church growth are major emphases at LBTS. Not only is church expansion a biblical mandate, it is a science at LBTS. Practical learning-by-doing is a part of every student’s life.

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See the Baptist Faith and Message as amended by the Southern Baptist Convention at its 2000 annual meeting (

Majors and Minors*

  • Master of Arts in Global Apologetics
  • Master of Arts in Religion
  • Master of Religious Education
  • Master of Arts in Religious Studies
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theology/Sacred Theology
  • Doctor of Counseling
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Theology and Apologetics

* List is subject to change

Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS). LBTS exists to train young people for the work of carrying out the Great Commission. From day one, I challenged the students at Liberty to be “world changers.” I said to them, “First change your world, then change the world around you. Then go out to change the world for Jesus Christ.”

Some of you will be studying for pastoral ministry—LBTS is the place for you. Some of you may be looking to be worship leaders, counselors or to assume some other position in the church—we can give you outstanding training. Many others are not sure about God’s calling but still want to learn about the Bible and leadership skills—this is the place for you.

LBTS is the place for visionaries. They see the big picture of what God is doing and they want to be involved. It is also a place for Christian activists, those who want to make a difference in the world through ministry. Some of our graduates go on to pastor the largest churches in the world, while other graduates might be digging a well in Liberia alongside those with whom you minister. Both are changing the world! Come join them. Find out where you fit in. Let us train you to accomplish great things for Jesus Christ!

So how will you go about it? Will you join our residential students in Lynchburg, Va., or will you study through Liberty University Online? Either way, we look forward to helping you accomplish God’s purpose for your life.

You can find answers to your questions about seminary training by exploring or by calling (434) 592-4140.

In Christ,

Elmer L. Towns
Co-Founder and Vice President, Liberty University
Dean, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Dean, School of Religion

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