26 March 2004 

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Q: Recently, news articles have said that acts like adultery and stealing can be blamed on our evolution. What are these incredible things some evolutionists are saying about human behavior?

A: There’s a new fad called ‘evolutionary psychology.’ Remember the old saying—the devil made me do it? Perhaps the way to put it now is: ‘evolution made me do it!’

Quotable quote:

'But some will object, “If we allowed appealing to God anytime we don't understand something, then science itself would be impossible, for science proceeds on the assumption of natural causality.” This argument is a red herring. It is true that science is not compatible with just any form of theism, particularly a theism that holds to a capricious god who intervenes so often that the contrast between primary and secondary causality is unintelligible. But Christian theism holds that secondary causality is God's usual mode and primary causality is infrequent, comparatively speaking. That is why Christianity, far from hindering the development of science, actually provided the womb for its birth and development.'

– Moreland, J.P., Christianity and the Nature of Science: A Philosophical Investigation, Baker Book House Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan, p. 226, 1989.

Time magazine, for example, had an article that said infidelity is built into our genes. Because of our alleged evolutionary history, it said we’re programmed to cheat on our spouses.

We’re also hearing that homosexual tendencies are there because they’re part of some people’s DNA make-up!

While this is all preposterous, there is a connection between evolution and immorality, but it’s not genetic. Believing in evolution can lead to immorality. Evolutionary thinking undermines the idea of absolute standards for our behavior. If you believe that we’re not created, and there’s no Creator, and so no one owns us, we have a right to set our own rules.

Evolution is not only bad science, it’s bad psychology. We should be guided by God’s Word, the Bible. It’s there that we learn that our sinful behavior is a result of the fall of the first man, Adam, in Genesis.

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Education Question:

Did God create poodles?

Most of our domestic dog varieties, like poodles, have numerous problems due to harmful mutations. But in Genesis 1:31, God described all that He had created as being ‘very good.’ But how could a poodle, with all these mutations resulting in health problems, be described this way?

Listen as Ken Ham discusses why he believes poodles are the ‘end of the line’!

Learn more about the role mutations don’t play in evolutionary ideas: From a Frog to a Prince.

Textbook of the Month:

Our featured textbook of this month is The Geology Book. Whether jutting skyward, or languishing in the murky depths of the deep, rocks and sediments hold our little planet together. Dr John Morris takes the reader on a tour of the earth’s crust, pointing out both the natural beauty and the scientific evidences for creation. Well illustrated, this book presents an accurate view of earth’s geologic history. Online lessons are also available!

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Are logic and reason compatible with Christianity?

Logic and reason are far from being incompatible with biblical Christianity. Rather, they are essential. Without them it is impossible to deduce anything from the true propositions of the 66 books of Scripture, the Christian’s final authority.

Learn more about how to give a reason for the hope you have with Simple Tools for Brain Surgery.

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Praise and Prayer | Upcoming AiG Events

Praise and Prayer

Please pray over the following items during the next two weeks …

  • Pray for God’s direction as we create a strategy for moving the entire staff later this year to the AiG complex under construction along I–275 in Northern Kentucky (of which almost half the facility will be devoted to the Creation Museum). The staff is currently spread out over four separate buildings, which has presented a communications challenge. Also, some of our current facilities are old, with A/C problems and other challenges, and thus do not provide the best working conditions.

  • A special mailer about the museum project has been arriving in supporters’ homes over the past week. A special audio CD from Ken Ham was enclosed. Pray that many more AiG friends will get behind this national, Bible-upholding center with their financial support—praise God, over $11 million has already been raised through the generosity of God’s people.

  • Our sister AiG ministry in South Africa is looking for volunteers to help advance the creation/gospel message in that needy country.

  • Pray for the AiG speakers below as they travel and give messages on biblical authority.

 Upcoming AiG Events       

Pray for the following 2004 Bible-upholding meetings & conferences, including the speaker and those involved in the planning.

26–27 March
Sioux Falls, SD
Carl Kerby

27 March
Cincinnati, OH
Skip Tilton

28 March
Florence, KY
Ken Ham

28 March
28 March

Sioux Falls, SD
Carl Kerby

28–29 March
Williston, ND
Dr David Menton

2–4 April
3–4 April
Wheat Ridge (Denver), CO
Dr David Menton, Ken Ham, Buddy Davis

16–17 April
Corbin, KY
Dr David Menton, Ken Ham, Buddy Davis, Stacia McKeever

16 April
Hendersonville, TN
Dr Terry Mortenson

16–18 April
Henderson, NV
Carl Kerby

18 April
Nashville, TN
Dr Terry Mortenson

AiG deeply appreciates your partnership with us in prayer!