30 April 2004 

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Q: What would the first man say about our brain power if he were here today?

Quotable quote:

‘Since Darwin’s death, all has not been rosy in the evolutionary garden. The theories of the Great Bearded One have been hijacked by cranks, politicians, social reformers—and scientists—to support racist and bigoted views. A direct line runs from Darwin, through the founder of the eugenics movement—Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton—to the extermination camps of Nazi Europe.’

– Martin Brookes, ‘Ripe old age,’ New Scientist 161(2171):41, 1999.

A: We’d probably not like the answer! We tend to think that we’re far superior to people who lived before us. We live in an advanced age where we can put man on the moon. But, the truth is that man’s intelligence has been decreasing over time. Why? Because sin entered the world—our brain power is not increasing, as evolutionists would expect.

The Bible tells us that the first man and woman had children who went out and built cities and made musical instruments. They were the most intelligent people who ever lived. There’s a lot of evidence from archaeology that indicates that even after the Flood, people were able to carry out marvels of technology that we can’t duplicate today! Think of the pyramids for example.

We’ve been indoctrinated by evolution to think that we are the most intelligent of all generations. As some will say, ‘Genesis was written in simplistic terms so people in the pre-scientific age could understand it,’ it might be better to say, “Our brains have suffered from over 6000 years of the curse. Actually, Genesis was written in simplistic terms so you and I could understand it!”’

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30 April–1 May
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Ken Ham

1–3 May
Sarasota, FL
Carl Kerby

2 May
North Ft Myers, FL
Carl Kerby

2 May
McKinney, TX
Dr Terry Mortenson

2–3 May
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7–8 May
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Dr David Catchpoole

9 May
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Michael Oard

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