12 June 2004 

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Q: Was the TV movie Inherit the Wind an accurate portrayal of the Scopes Trial?

Quotable quote:

‘Biologists would dearly like to know how modern apes, modern humans and the various ancestral hominids have evolved from a common ancestor. Unfortunately, the fossil record is somewhat incomplete as far as the hominids are concerned, and it is all but blank for the apes. The best we can hope for is that more fossils will be found over the next few years which will fill the present gaps in the evidence.' The author goes on to say: 'David Pilbeam [a well-known expert in human evolution] comments wryly,
“If you brought in a smart scientist from another discipline and showed him the meagre evidence we've got he'd surely say, 'forget it: there isn't enough to go on.‘”‘

Richard E. Leakey, The Making of Mankind, Michael Joseph Limited, London, p. 43, 1981.

A: Inherit the Wind—which starred Oscar winners Jack Lemmon and the late George C. Scott—is the fictionalized account of the famous Scopes ‘monkey trial’ of Dayton, Tennessee. But as we revealed in our Creation magazine, almost all of the scientific evidence brought forward during the time of the trial has been discarded.

There was another very disturbing thing about Inherit the Wind. It caricatured Christians as self-righteous, intolerant and mean-spirited. The two leading Christian characters in the film rant like lunatics much of the time.

The film did get one thing right. It is indeed a ‘crime’ (to use their word) to censor an opposing view in the classroom. This lesson has been lost on secular humanists today who attempt to censor any evidence contrary to their dogmatic belief in evolution.

For Christians, the lesson to be learned is that we must be able to give answers for our faith. After all, Christianity is a logical, defensible faith.

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