10 July 2004 

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Q: Why are kangaroos found only in Australia?

Quotable quote:

Sir Arthur Keith was a British anthropologist, an atheistic evolutionist and an anti-Nazi, but he drew this chilling conclusion:

‘The German Führer, as I have consistently maintained, is an evolutionist; he has consciously sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.’

– Keith, A., Evolution and Ethics, Putnam, NY, USA, p. 230, 1947.

A: It’s interesting. At our seminars we sometimes like to ask our audience, ‘How many of you believe kangaroos once lived in the Middle East?’ No-one puts up their hands. Then we ask, ‘How many believe that Noah’s Flood was a real event?’ Their hands go up.

‘How many believe that Noah’s Ark was a real boat?’ Yes, they agree on that, too. ‘How many believe that two of every kind of land animal, including the kangaroos, went on the Ark?’ Yes, they accept that.

Then we ask, ‘How many people believe the Ark landed in the Middle East?’ Up go the hands. ‘How many now believe that kangaroos came off the Ark after the Flood?’ They start to laugh and put up their hands.

Then we ask again, ‘Did kangaroos once live in the Middle East?’ All the hands now go up.

When we think with a biblical perspective, we realize that all the kinds of land animals must have once lived in the Middle East … because they came off Noah’s Ark.

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AiG Creation ‘College’ update

Although more than 500 people are already coming, there’s still time and room for you to attend next month’s unique Creation ‘College’ in West Harrison, Indiana (west of Cincinnati). Cabin lodging and tent/camper/RV spots are still available for those interested in being trained to become more effective in ‘creation evangelism’ as speakers, writers, etc. Exciting sessions will be led by Ken Ham and other experts, such as Dr Carl Wieland of Australia. Visit www.CreationCollege.info to register.

Creation 'College'

 Upcoming AiG Events       

Pray for the meetings & conferences below, including the speaker and those involved in the planning.

11 July
Knoxville, TN
Dr Terry Mortenson

11–17 July
Grand Canyon raft trip
Carl Kerby, Dr Keith Swenson

17–18 July
Milford, OH
Dr Terry Mortenson

18 July
Maple Falls, WA
Henry de Roos

19 July
Miamisburg, OH
Ken Ham

21–25 July
West Harrison, IN
Creation ‘College’
Ken Ham and many others

24–25 July
Grove City, OH
Dr Andy McIntosh

25 July
Mishawaka, IN
Dr Monty White

25 July
Covington, KY
Philip Bell

25 July
Batesville, IN
Dr Jonathan Sarfati

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