17 July 2004 

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For a more complete answer to last week’s ‘kangaroo question,’ please see our Education News this week (below).

Q: Was there really an ice age?

Quotable quote:

ĎA religion is essentially an attitude to the world as a whole. Thus evolution, for example, may prove as powerful a principle to co-ordinate menís beliefs and hopes as God was in the past. Such ideas underlie the various forms of Rationalism, the Ethical movement and scientific Humanism.í

ĎHumanism: An outlook that places man and his concerns at the centre of interest. Modern Humanism, which does away with traditional Christianity, is characterised by its faith in the power of human beings to create their own future, collectively and personally.í

– Sir Julian Huxley (Ed.), Growth of Ideas: The evolution of thought and knowledge, pp. 99, 336, 1965.

A: Yes, there was, although we don’t believe in an ice age that occurred over millions of years as the evolutionists teach. We think the Ice Age was a consequence of Noah’s Flood.

The Bible tells us that fountains of the deep broke open all over the earth at the time of the Flood. This probably means there was also considerable volcanic action and continental breakup. What would have happened, of course, would be that the Flood waters were warmed up by these volcanic explosions. Therefore, you would have warm oceans and a cool land towards the end of the Flood. This would result in a large amount of water being evaporated into the atmosphere.

What’s going to happen to it? Because of the tilt of the earth, the wind and so on, there would have been great storms at the poles, much ice and snow would have formed. Hundreds of years after the Flood, we believe that this ice accumulated as the Ice Age. Then, as the temperatures of the land and oceans started to stabilize, the ice would have started to melt. The answer is in Genesis and its account of the Flood!

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 Education News        


Education question:

Why are kangaroos only found in Australia?

How did the animals get from remote countries to the Ark? After the Flood, did kangaroos hop all the way to Australia? What did koalas eat on the way? Find out the answers to these, and other, questions in this week’s article.†

For further information:

How did all those animals fit on Noah’s Ark anyway?

Textbook of the month:

Our featured textbook of this month is Streams of Civilization.

This history textbook makes up for the secular bias found in just about all other textbooks of this kind by offering a comprehensive overview of ancient history (including creation) through the 1620s within a Christian perspective!

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Praise and Prayer | Upcoming AiG Events

Praise and Prayer

Please pray over the following items during the next two weeks …

  • Please continue to lift up AiG’s upcoming transition to our new offices. We are now just under two months from relocating to the new site in Petersburg, Kentucky (west of Florence, KY, our current HQ). Although we are very excited about finally having all four offices under one roof, there is a lot of preparation and work still to do. Please pray that everything would go smoothly and that we would be back to full-service on Wednesday, 8 September (moving starts on Friday, 3 September and then over the Labor Day weekend).

  • We’d ask that you give special prayer for the planning and implementation of more museum banquets (perhaps 12 banquets in major cities in 2005). This is a very big undertaking, and the Lord’s guidance is vital to their success.

  • Another praise! 550 people have already registered for our first-ever ‘Creation College’ (in nearby Indiana—just a few miles from our new offices). The college starts this Wednesday! It’s an intensive training session for creation speakers (including prospective ones), researchers and writers. Pray that as they leave this ‘college,’ the participants will be better equipped to impact their churches and communities with the creation/gospel message.

  • Please rejoice with us over the museum support that AiG has received over the last few years. This week, we went over the halfway mark for museum funding (the goal is $25 million)! Even though we still have a way to go to fully fund the museum, God has met our every need and exceeded many times. To Him be the glory!

 Upcoming AiG Events       

17–18 July
Milford, OH
Dr Terry Mortenson

18 July
Maple Falls, WA
Henry de Roos

19 July
Miamisburg, OH
Ken Ham

21–25 July
West Harrison, IN
‘Creation College’
Ken Ham and many others

24–25 July
Grove City, OH
Dr Andy McIntosh

25 July
Mishawaka, IN
Dr Monty White

25 July
Covington, KY
Philip Bell

25 July
Batesville, IN
Dr Jonathan Sarfati

28 July
Waco, TX
Ken Ham

30–31 July
Indianapolis, IN
Carl Kerby, Dr David Menton and Dr Andy McIntosh

31 July – 2 August
Greenwood, IN
Carl Kerby and Dr Andy McIntosh

AiG deeply appreciates your partnership with us in prayer!