24 July 2004 

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Q: In what way does Earth’s atmosphere help our radio broadcasts?

Quotable quote:

In 1785, before examining the evidence, the deist James Hutton, ‘the founder of modern geology,’ proclaimed:

‘… the past history of our globe must be explained by what can be seen to be happening now … . No powers are to be employed that are not natural to the globe, no action to be admitted except those of which we know the principle’ (emphasis added).

This was later called uniformitarianism by Charles Lyell. This is a not a refutation of biblical teaching of creation and the Flood, but a dogmatic refusal to consider them as even possible explanations.

– Hutton, J., Theory of the Earth, Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1785; cited with approval in Holmes, A., Principles of Physical Geology, 2nd edition, Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., Great Britain, pp. 43–44, 1965.

A: The gospel can now be heard by nearly 6 billion people on shortwave radio because of a fascinating feature of a layer in our atmosphere called the ionosphere.

Radio waves travel in straight lines. The reason why they encircle the earth is because they are reflected to the ground or ocean from the ionosphere, and then from the ground or ocean back to the ionosphere and so on around the earth.

As a result of this feature that God has built into the atmosphere, His Word can be beamed into countries where the Bible is banned. We have had some of our creation messages broadcast to nations that would normally not be able to hear this program.

What a gracious God we have! He knew that Adam would sin and that the wonderful message of creation and the gospel would need to be spread around the world. In His mercy he provided a means for this when He created the earth and its atmosphere.

God created the earth knowing radio would need the ionosphere!

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21–25 July
West Harrison, IN
Creation ‘College’
Ken Ham and many others

24–25 July
Grove City, OH
Dr Andy McIntosh

25 July
Mishawaka, IN
Dr Monty White

25 July
Covington, KY
Philip Bell

25 July
Batesville, IN
Dr Jonathan Sarfati

28 July
Waco, TX
Ken Ham

30–31 July
Indianapolis, IN
Carl Kerby, Dr David Menton and Dr Andy McIntosh

31 July – 2 August
Greenwood, IN
Carl Kerby and Dr Andy McIntosh

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