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14 August 2004 

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Q: Is the Bible clear about homosexual behavior?

Quotable quote:

‘We have no acceptable theory of evolution at the present time. There is none; and I cannot accept the theory that I teach to my students each year. Let me explain. I teach the synthetic theory known as the neo-Darwinian one, for one reason only; not because it's good, we know it is bad, but because there isn’t any other. Whilst waiting to find something better you are taught something which is known to be inexact, which is a first approximation.’

– From a French recording of internationally recognised geneticist, Professor Jerome Lejeune, at a lecture given in Paris on March 17, 1985. Translated by Peter Wilders of Monaco.

A: Yes, it is—particularly in Romans. But even many supposedly ‘conservative’ theologians now question whether Romans 1 is actually teaching against homosexual behavior.

Ken Ham was a keynote speaker at a Bible conference in England. He had just spent three days establishing the foundational importance of Genesis to all doctrines, including marriage.

Another speaker at the conference was speaking on Romans and then introduced the topic of homosexual behavior. This very respected conservative church leader said that there’s really no clear teaching in the New Testament against such behavior. He went on to say that he wished Paul had written Romans differently.

Besides the fact that Romans is God’s Word, written just as God intended for it to be written, how could this speaker make such a comment?

Well, a person in the audience stood up and said: ‘Surely the foundation of marriage from Genesis makes it clear that homosexual behavior is wrong?’ The audience discovered that this Christian leader didn’t believe in Genesis, which is why he couldn’t explain Paul’s teaching in Romans, which is founded in Genesis.

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 Education News        

Education question:

Who is ShangDi?

This name literally means ‘the Heavenly Ruler.’ By reviewing recitations used at the Border Sacrifice, recorded in the Statutes of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368), one may begin to understand the ancient Chinese reverence for ShangDi. Find out more by reading ‘The original “unknown” god of China.’

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The Lamb of God hidden in Chinese characters

Genesis, Babel and the Chinese Language (DVD)

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Textbook of the month:

Our featured textbook of this month is God’s Promise to the Chinese.

This book confirms the idea that the ancient Chinese indeed incorporated an unusual knowledge of sacred history into their written language. Concentrating on the analysis of authenticated ‘oracle bone’ characters, the authors believe this book confirms their proposed ‘hieroglyphic’ interpretation of Chinese characters.


Praise and Prayer | Upcoming AiG Events

Praise and Prayer

Please pray over the following items during the next two weeks …

  • Please continue to lift up AiG’s upcoming transition to our new offices. We are now just weeks away from relocating to the new site in Petersburg, Kentucky (west of Florence, KY, our current HQ). Although we are very excited about finally having all four offices under one roof, there is a lot of preparation and work still to do. Please pray that everything would go smoothly and that we would be back to full-service on Wednesday, 8 September (moving starts on Friday, 3 September and then over the Labor Day weekend).

  • Please pray for the final preparations for the Olympics outreach that begins 21 August. A team of 139 people from the United States and six other counties will be sharing their faith and distributing Christian literature, including AiG’s Four Big Questions booklet, which has been translated into eight foreign languages.

 Upcoming AiG Events       

9-14 August
Lake Ann, MI
Ken Ham

14-21 August
Hickory Corners, MI
Buddy Davis, Dr. Terry Mortenson, and Ken Ham

15 August
Redding, CA
Dr. Ted Driggers

16 August
Grenada, CA
Dr. Ted Driggers

17 August
Klamath Falls, OR
Dr. Ted Driggers

21-29 August
Greece Olympics Outreach

21-27 August
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
Dr. David Menton and Ken Ham

22 August
Berrien Center, MI
Dr. Terry Mortenson

AiG deeply appreciates your partnership with us in prayer!