October 30, 2004 

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Q: Were humans originally created to be vegetarian?

Quotable quote:

“The problem won’t go away—we face a highly organized, well financed effort to legislate creationism—religious doctrine—into public education. … individuals opposing this effort to introduce theology masquerading as science into biology classrooms desperately need the help and support of professional biologists.”

– Wayne A. Moyer, executive director, National Association of Biology Teachers (U.S.A.), in Bio Science, March 1980.

A: First, we need to know that the original world God created was very different from the one we know today. Adam’s sin affected all of creation, so while there was no death and bloodshed at the beginning, Adam’s Fall introduced suffering, decay, and death.

Before the Fall, Genesis tells us that God gave Adam and Eve plants and fruits to eat. But Genesis 9 says that after the Flood, God told Noah he could eat meat.
So, now we can eat both meat and plants. Just because we do that today, though, doesn’t tell us that it’s always been that way.

The evolutionists are wrong when they often cite their famous phrase: “The present is the key to the past.” To understand the past, we must get our answer from the One who has always been there and knows everything. And Genesis says that God created man—and animals—to be vegetarian originally! Then God later told Noah that he could eat meat.

Even Genesis has the answer about whether or not we must be vegetarians!

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