November 20, 2004 

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Q: In one of the modern Bible versions, it states in Genesis 1 that God created the wild animals. Is this a correct translation?

Quotable quote:

“Let me summarize my views on what modern evolutionary biology tells us loud and clear … There are no gods, no purposes, no goal-directed forces of any kind. There is no life after death. When I die, I am absolutely certain that I am going to be dead. That’s the end for me. There is no ultimate foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning to life, and no free will for humans, either.”

– Provine, W.B. (professor of biological sciences at Cornell University), Origins Research 16(1), p.9, 1994.

A: No, definitely not. And Christians need to be aware of how evolutionary ideas have even affected modern Bible translations.

We do see wild animals in the world today. But when God made all the animals—and then Adam and Eve—He described His creation as very good. Also, according to Genesis, Adam and Eve and all the animals were vegetarian. So there was no death or bloodshed of animals before sin, or “wild” animals!

Because many Christians have adopted the evolutionary idea that the violence we see all around us today is a part of God’s process of creating, they also believe that wild animals have always been violent.

But, Paul describes the world we live in as one that’s groaning in pain because of sin. That’s why we’re looking forward to the New Heaven and New Earth, when there’ll be no violence or death—everything will again be in perfect harmony. It will be a return to Eden, as described in Genesis.

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