December 4, 2004 

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Q: Why would old fossils be a problem for evolutionists?

Quotable quote:

“The neo-Darwinist is now reaching the point of dignity in the history of science that the Ptolemaic system in astronomy, the epicycle system, reached long ago. We know that it does not work. And that is interesting. Because from the actual structure of the chromosome we can demonstrate that the human species did not come from a progressive humanisation of a pre-human.”

– Professor Jérôme Lejeune (chair of Fundamental Genetics, University of Paris, France), The Beginning of Life, October 1975.

A: According to evolutionists, the oldest fossils ever found are a blue-green algae that lived along the coast of Australia and South Africa. These fossils have been dated by them to be 3.5 billion years old. But when they examined these fossils under the microscope, they found that they were identical to the blue-green algae that are still living today.

Dr. William Schopf, a leading evolutionist, says that this presents a tremendous problem for evolution. You see, evolution is based upon change, and yet these algae don’t appear to have changed at all in their supposed 3.5 billion years.

If evolution is based on everything changing, why do we find these oldest fossils to be identical to the living algae today? And it’s not just the blue-green algae—scientists continue to find many living animals that appear to have hardly changed at all compared to their fossils that are allegedly millions of years old.

The answer is in Genesis. God made all living things—including blue-green algae—only thousands of years ago. They’ve always reproduced after their own kind, as commanded by the Creator.

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Please pray over the following requests during the next few days …

  • On Monday, November 29th, AiG scientist and speaker Dr. Jason Lisle was offered a very last-minute invitation by CNN-TV to participate in a live TV debate with evolutionist Dr. Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education. This debate was held that same evening on the Paula Zahn NOW program. Praise God for giving Dr. Lisle the wisdom to handle this short-notice situation and pray that those who viewed the program will see that true science confirms God’s Word. The responses we received were overwhelmingly positive, despite not being able to provide much notice that the program was going to air. (Note: For those who may have missed the broadcast and received our email after the program aired, please be aware that AiG was not even invited to participate until the very afternoon of the broadcast, so we were not able to quickly notify our supporters of this debate. A transcript of the broadcast, however, can be read here.)

  • Ken Ham and other AiG staff were recently interviewed for ABC’s Nightline program with Ted Koppel. Please pray that the AiG ministry message will be effective and especially that it will be presented in the right way. This is yet another opportunity for AiG to be featured in the mainstream media, so praise God for this and that other opportunities will be presented. As soon as we are aware of when this broadcast will be, we will post the information on our website.

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January 16
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January 19
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