April 23, 2005 

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 Weekly News        

Q: Did cavemen really exist? And if they did, how do you explain them in light of the Bible?

A: We call cavemen men that lived in caves, and yes, they did exist. And we believe the Bible even mentions them.

We’ve been so brainwashed by evolution, that many of us automatically think that a caveman was some form of primitive, almost apelike, grunting human.

But just because men lived in caves, doesn’t mean that they were primitive—it just means they lived in caves. Even people today live in caves. In fact, some people have their homes built over the entrance to caves.

Evolutionist Quote of the Week

“At any rate, almost everything in Hawking’s book is based on his fertile imagination and logical speculation, with almost no visible evidence or proof. This appears to differentiate his work from fiction, which is almost always based on obvious, demonstrable fact. In another way, however, physics is a lot like fiction or income tax calculating, in that when there is a conflict between the world and an intellectual construct, the author adjusts the world to fit an imagined plot.”

– Roger L. Welsch, Astrophys Ed, Natural History, pp. 24, 25, February 1994.

In Hebrews 11:38 you read about those who wandered in the deserts, mountains, and the dens and the caves of the earth.

Psalm 142 was written by David while he was staying in a cave.

And Job 30:6 describes those who dwelled in the cliffs of the valleys, in caves in the earth, and in the rocks.

In Judges 6:2 we read about the Israelites who made for themselves dens in the mountains and caves.

In Genesis 19:30, we read about Lot who went into the mountains with his two daughters and dwelt in a cave.

Even Genesis has lots to say about cavemen—they were the descendants of Noah! For further evidence of modern cavemen, see The amazing cave people of Malta.

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 Upcoming AiG Events       

2005 Creation Mega Conference

April 24
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Ken Ham
April 24
Byesville, Ohio
Dr. Jason Lisle
April 24–25
Seaside, California
Mike Riddle
April 24–25
Wolverine Lake, Michigan
Carl Kerby
April 29–30
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Buddy Davis, Dr. David Menton, Ken Ham and Stacia McKeever
May 1
Onalaska, Wisconsin
Buddy Davis and Ken Ham
May 1
Fenton, Missouri
Dr. Terry Mortenson

May 1
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Carl Kerby
May 1–2
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Carl Kerby
May 6–7
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Ken Ham
May 12
Greenville, Ohio
Buddy Davis
May 15–16
Ligonier, Indiana
Buddy Davis and Dr. Jason Lisle
May 15–16
Parkersburg, West Virginia
Carl Kerby
May 19–21
DeKalb, Illinois
Ken Ham

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