July 16, 2005 

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled update for an announcement!

This week, in Lynchburg VA, is the Mega Conference. This one-of-a-kind conference will showcase over 30 speakers addressing some of the most important issues in creation evangelism today.

Dozens of our staff members are traveling to the conference, and two will report several times a day via the “MegaBlog.” For those who cannot come to the conference, we’ll bring the conference to you!

The MegaBlog will feature

  • daily podcasts (downloadable MP3 audio files) of the devotions and several main sessions
  • online video of one main session
  • online video interviews with speakers, attendees and others
  • online video “man on the street” interviews with people from the area with their views on creation and the Bible
  • daily insights and summaries of sessions
  • videoblogs (vblogs) about the conference
  • tons of pictures daily
  • and more!

Click on over and keep up with the largest creation conference in the world ... the Mega Conference!

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July 11: The Scopes “monkey trial”—80 years later
July 12: Don’t be “resistant” (about writing your own letter to the editor)
July 13: Pseudogene function: regulation of gene expression
July 14: In Six Days Testimony #30: Danny R. Faulkner, astronomy
July 15: Christian chemist’s assumptions lead to accusations


This week’s After Eden cartoon:

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 Upcoming AiG Events       

2005 Creation MegaConference
July 20
Decatur, Alabama
Lynn and Miriam Klopfenstein
July 24
Ft. Wright, Kentucky
Carl Kerby
July 27
Decatur, Alabama
Lynn and Miriam Klopfenstein
July 29
Tempe, Arizona
Mike Riddle
July 30
Mesa, Arizona
Mike Riddle
July 31
Higley, Arizona
Mike Riddle

August 6–9
Lake Ann, Michigan
Dr. Jason Lisle
August 7–8
Post Falls, Idaho
Carl Kerby
August 8–13
Portsmouth, Ohio
Special outreach
August 11–13
Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Mike Riddle
August 13
Petersburg, Kentucky
2005 Creation Museum Rally
Carl Kerby
August 14
Chardon, Ohio
Buddy Davis
August 14
Covington, KY
Ken Ham

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