July 23, 2005 

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This week over 1,400 people attended the 2005 Creation MEGA Conference held at Liberty University. Over 30 creationist researchers and speakers from all over the world, speaking on many topics, were extremely well received. Many thousands followed the event on the MEGA Blog with its video streams, photos and conference highlights. We praise God for the opportunities to witness worldwide via the conference and related media coverage!

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Q: Were Australian Aborigines actually slaughtered and collected as specimens for evolution research?

A: It’s a sad fact of history—but that’s exactly what did happen!

Charles Darwin believed that the Australian Aborigines were the ‘missing links’ of evolution. As a result, hunters came to Australia to kill the Aborigines and bring them home as specimens for museums. In fact, in the early 1900s, the Aborigines were listed as animals in a booklet from an Australian museum!

There are many accounts of how various people hunted down Aboriginal men, women and children. They were killed like animals—skinned—and their skulls boiled down, and the best specimens would be sent to places like America, England and Germany.

Noncreationist Quote of the Week

“As much ‘bad press’ as the Church of Satan has received from the media over the past few years—Satanic child abuse, sacrifices, etc.—mention of The Satanic Bible only points people in our direction. Perhaps that’s the plan, after all.”

– Anton Szandor LaVey, The Devil’s Notebook, Feral House, Los Angelos, p. 85, 1992.

It’s been estimated that perhaps 10,000 graves of Australian Aboriginal people were desecrated for specimens to be sent to museums in a frenzied attempt to prove the widespread belief that they were the missing link. American evolutionists were also involved in gathering specimens of so-called “subhumans.” The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. holds the remains of 15,000 individuals of various so-called “races.”

Evolution is taught as fact throughout government education systems, so it’s no wonder that many people today still have racist attitudes.

For a deeper look at evolution’s impact on the Australian Aborigines see Darwin’s body snatchers.

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July 24
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July 27
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July 29
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Mike Riddle
July 31
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August 7–8
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August 8–13
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August 11–13
Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Mike Riddle
August 13
Petersburg, Kentucky
2005 Creation Museum Rally
August 14
Chardon, Ohio
Buddy Davis
August 14
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August 21–23
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August 23–24
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