August 13, 2005 

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Q: Why do some people think the Apostle Paul, who is considered the greatest missionary of all time, was unsuccessful at evangelism?

A: In Acts 17, Paul preached the message of the Cross to the Greeks in Athens. At first, they all mocked him. They had no understanding in their culture of the Creator God … or of sin. They also believed in evolutionary ideas. Paul had to teach them about the true history of the world and the origin of sin before they understood the gospel.

As a result of Paul explaining the gospel from the beginning, some Greeks were eventually converted. Because only a few of them trusted the Lord, some people think that Paul was not very successful. After all, in Acts 2, Peter saw thousands come to the Lord after he preached.

Quote of the Week

“Everybody knows fossils are fickle; bones will sing any song you want to hear.”

– J. Shreeve, Argument over a woman, Discover 11(8):58, 1990.

But Paul was very successful. He was dealing with a totally different culture—one that had absolutely no foundation for the Christian message. He was teaching outright pagans. Peter, on the other hand, was teaching people who already believed in the true God.

This should be a lesson for us. Because our own society today is more like the Greeks, don’t expect massive conversions as in generations past. To read more on this topic see Pioneer evangelism—outstanding success!

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