September 24, 2005 

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Q: When we look at how anti-Christian society is becoming, surely those Christians who say we need revival are right, aren’t they?

A: Actually, AiG doesn’t believe that revival is the answer just yet for countries like America, England or Australia.

Evolutionist Quote of the Week

“As for the claim that evolution is an unproved theory, that’s nonsense. Evolution is a fact, established with the same degree of confidence as our “theory” of disease, and the atomic “theory” of matter. Yes, there is lively debate about the particular evolutionary mechanisms that caused particular changes, but the existence of evolutionary change is not in doubt. Our own bodies provide walking evidence.”

– Jared Diamond, Who Are the Jews? Natural History 102(11):19, November 1993.

For a revival to occur, there has to be a foundational knowledge of the Word of God in society. For example, people would need to understand the meaning of sin and repentance. In America and Australia (as well as many other countries, of course), we’ve become permeated by a very anti-Christian philosophy.

Sadly, not only has society as a whole in these countries been influenced by evolutionary philosophy, but much of the church has also compromised the Word of God. This includes such ideas as millions of years of history.

I believe we need a new reformation in these countries before a true revival could occur. We need to see God’s people get back to the authority of the Word and preach this with power. Only then would there be the right foundation for revival to occur—should God in His sovereignty bring it.

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