October 1, 2005 

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Q: Were there thorns in the world before Adam’s Fall?

A: The Bible clearly teaches that thorns and thistles came into existence as a result of the Curse God placed upon the earth because of Adam’s sin.

Evolutionist Quote of the Week

“Many animals which are well-known and accepted were once controversial—or at least ‘unexpected.’ Some of the more interesting of these cryptozoological precedents are:

  • “The gorilla, largest of all the primates, discovered in Central Africa in 1847;
  • “The giant panda, discovered in China in 1869, but not collected alive until 1936;
  • “Przewalski’s horse, discovered in Mongolia in 1881;
  • “The pygmy chimpanzee, described in 1929, but not brought back to Europe from Zaire until the late 1930’s;
  • “Megamouth, a 15-foot shark, representing a completely new species, genus, and family, discovered in 1976.”

– International Society of Cryptozoology Invitation For Membership

But for those Christians who believe the fossil record was laid down millions of years before Adam, there is a major problem to deal with—in the fossil record we find evidence of fossil thorns. Now if the fossils really were millions of years old, then thorns existed before Adam sinned.

Also, the fossil record illustrates many instances where animals had been eating other animals. If you believe the fossil record is millions of years old, then carnivores existed before sin! But, the Bible teaches that originally, before sin, all the animals were vegetarian.

So what does all this mean? Well, Christians can’t accept the idea of millions of years—its obviously contrary to the clear teaching of the Bible.

Originally, God described the creation as very good—it was not full of death, disease and thorns! No, the earth is not millions of years old.

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